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Terms & Conditions

Why Choose Marketingspire:

Marketingspire Help Your Business To Grow & Succeed.

Let's Top The Digital World:

With a team of 200+ professionals and freelancers around the globe, our promise is:

Growing organic traffic to your website

Generating and nurturing sales-ready leads

Using new channels to expand brand reach for customer acquisition

Increasing revenue

Reducing lead acquisition cost

Digital Marketing Services:

Marketingspire provides a wide variety of tools to boost the online presence of the company. You consent to the Terms of Service set out below by contacting us. If you have any concerns or whether we have some operation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Marketingspire offers search engine promotion, analytics, and similar tools on a state, regional, and global level. As such, we shall send details on your request to search services on whom you will rely on their terms. They can contain and are not bound to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google AdSense, Amazon, YouTube, Quora, Bing, WordPress, etc. The terms of the agreement of these services shall all implement. Marketingspire does not exchange knowledge with another company other than the offering of digital branding and marketing services on the basis.

Marketing Content:

Marketingspire has the freedom to put details relating to your company on some of the editor’s and search supplier ‘s websites, such as those mentioned above. You allow Marketingspire to create content relying on details or information given by you or your designers and gathered by Marketingspire containing the script, type, scale, document, map. You also reflect that the content and knowledge you offer to Marketingspire are real, not false, and you have the right to portray this service and product knowledge to Marketingspire. If that is the case, you allow Marketingspire to contact your consumers to acquire approvals and ratings of your services and products for release.  News articles and blogs will also be sent out for permission before publishing. The validity of these parts is vital to the effectiveness of the strategy. For this purpose, all monthly content will be deemed accepted one week after the material has been sent for review unless the customer receives the required editing or other correspondence. Finally, you allow Marketingspire to use telephone number monitoring and also to monitor calls on your behalf for the intent of ‘customer service’ and to immediately alert all incoming telephone number tracking callers if/when that support is signed.

Activities that are not acceptable: 

As Marketingspire aims to deliver the best service, there is a range of rules and regulations that will govern Marketingspire’s activities and interactions with its customers. Actions that violate these rules and standards are strictly prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of Marketingspire’s services. These assessments are at Marketingspire’s absolute discretion. Reasonable activities shall involve, but are not restricted to:

  • Sexual or immoral content, like, though not restricted to, sexually revealing or provocative content.
  • Sexual acts focused on material or services or other sexually related materials
  • Nakedness
  • Websites featuring women’s undergarments
  • Insulting or otherwise disagreeable content
  • Material or speech that is offensive to children in some form whatsoever
  • Transmission of Web virus and other disruptive or dangerous activities;
  • Cracking and data theft
  • Fraudsters or spam for sensitive details
  • Request for support other than for authorized voluntary organizations
  • Illegal gambling, betting, lottery, and related practices Dangerous, aggressive, hostile, violent, insulting, arduous, lewd, indecent, abusive, disrespectful to someone else’s privacy, racist, boorish, ethnically insensitive, petition websites, or otherwise inappropriate material or expression.
  • Money Offering
  • Hard substances or paraphernalia
  • Sales of beer
  • Sales of tobacco
  • False Articles
  • Flagging and many other types of unrequested communications like, though not restricted to, spam, junk mail,
         and spam mail
  • Connects to other platforms which violate the rules and plans of Marketingspire
  • Whether legal or illegal, many practices that Marketingspire finds to be in bad taste negatively affect Marketingspire or              other users in Marketingspire.

On acceptance of a contract for services on this page by Marketingspire, as well as all other research is done will be paid irrespective of recognition by Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, and any other external company.


The Marketingspire Contract outlines the initial duration during which service prices should be fixed and for no fewer than a year for custom services. All arrangements are self-renewed at the then announced service prices. After the agreement’s initial term, each party can terminate the contract with a written notification of one month to the other person.

Depictions and guarantees:

You reflect and guarantee that you have and will proceed to get the full and unconditional freedom to release and use all the details you have received with your advertisement services and that the material does not violate the interests of any private entity and that it cooperates from all local, country and federal policies and guidelines.


To the full degree allowed by applicable statute, Marketingspire and its vendors disclaim all guarantees not explicitly provided for in this document, whether explicit or implied, including but not limited to the implied condition of the goods and necessity for a specific reason, concerning Marketingspire services.

Restriction of Accountability and Applicable Policy:

The overall net responsibility Marketingspire can be restricted to the cumulative number of fees received from you. Marketingspire would not be liable for the features or quality of any search service, internet publication, domain not operated by Marketingspire.

Various Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions of the facility cover the overall agreement between the parties concerning the availability of services by Marketingspire. The Deal with these terms of use shall be valid on you and your heirs after signing of the Marketingspire Document.


Efficient at execution:

Terms of the agreement shall be fully liable from the day of agreement or after payment is done.


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