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Logo, brand, visual identity... what do these all mean exactly?


The logo is the easiest
to define, it’s quite
simply your main visual
mark to represent
yourself or your organization.


Your brand is what you
represent and communicates
more than your logo. It’s
what you stand for and
the tone of your company.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is the
package of logo, fonts, colours and visual elements (graphic details, illustrations, photography style) that craft your brand when used together.

MarketingSpire is one of the leading firm and Visual Identity-Logo Designing companies offering outstanding services to businesses worldwide.
Each brand is unique, and hence they need to make a particular preference of colors, tones, shades, icons, shapes, and whatnot.

The logo is neither your brand nor is it your title. Logo design, graphic design, and branding both have specific functions and together shape a recognizable logo for a company or a commodity.

Logo Designing in MarketingSpire

Best four things you will get from our logo designing services:


We develop innovative and high-quality graphics that represent the specific nature of your market.


Despite being custom designs, Marketingspire’s logos are available in several affordable packages.

Standard of service:

Our name represents our contribution to quality. We ‘re blending traditional and digital arts into masterworks.

Not a strap-art

Every part of the logo is developed from scratch. We ‘re not using pre-designed components.

Famous kinds of logos that we are designing:

The logos below are famous labels that have been used as models. We do not say that they were created and that we do not hold any liberties to them.


This style of logo design incorporates your name or your company with a creative flourish. Not only can it render it a quickly recognizable icon, but it also carries the additional advantage of associating the name with a word or abbreviation that may serve as a customer mnemonic tool.

Calvin Klein’s globally famous emblem uses this style in the plain CK initials.

Wordmark or form-based:

The wordmark Coca-Cola is among the most readily identifiable emblems in the country. The free-flowing theme symbolizes Coca Cola’s feeling of independence and creativity. The bright red shade represents the “sunny” essence of the company recognized as the world ‘s creator of “positive moments.” The curl and intertwining calligraphic font further reinforce the idea that “Coca-Cola binds communities closer.

Symbols, emblems, badges well as icons.

Few objects provide a more symbolic meaning than the ones used in logos or other emblems. They can be used to encourage passion, commitment, and even feelings of connection. Volkswagen incorporates ringed and abstracted letters in a type that listens to their cars’ character for a distinctive and exclusive logo completely unique.


Mascots may be centered on practically any type, such as animals, vegetables, trace elements, or even components. They are also associated with a historically specific term such as courage, grace, or respect, and are seen as charms that confer beneficial attributes to their wearers. A perfect example of this kind of representation is the jaguar affiliated with the Jackson, Florida soccer squad, which also influenced monikers’ community.

Marketingspire’s Brand Marketing Services Include:

Developing a positive online presence in line with your brand’s mission.

Removing all sources of a negative online presence including negative reviews and bad images.

Suppressing all content that serves to conflict with your brands awareness.

Monitoring all social media accounts to ensure mentions are inline with your goals.

Defending against slights and misgivings from potential competitors.

We will work to protect your brand from all angles, converting negative attention into positive attention and opportunities. Our strong reputation, technical expertise along with our cost effective approach is a definite way to safeguard what you have built from the ground up, ensuring your best possible growth.

Label Illustrative, Graphical, or Combination design:  

Graphic symbols are those depicting visual art in motion, also referred to as interactive. It uses the sense of distance, movement, or transformation to incorporate and over one visual feature. The Farmer John mark is an outstanding example of this. It involves the depiction of a farmer in front of vast green grass surrounded at the bottom by a banner displaying the company brand and the date of origin.

Why should you trust Marketingspire for logo designing?

MarketingSpire has been delivering high-quality logo design services worldwide, and years of practice have earned us numerous distinctions and positive feedback online.

In addition to all that, our graphic designers are also professional conventional artists who set us apart from several of the competitors! Modern creativity is the secret to modern graphic design.

 MarketingSpire Logo Designing Process

Get essential stuff to start work:

To give you the logo you like, knowing about your business and the logo design criteria are very relevant! For this purpose, we are giving you a detailed questionnaire to fill out, which will support us throughout the design phase.

Conduct research:

Last, we review this knowledge and fill in the holes with our market analysis. We often monitor the logo design patterns to examine successful logos to mention shape, font, and paint.

Ideas and implementation: 

Then follow the strategizing! Our department is shortlisting and developing prototype ideas. Such samples are submitted to the customer for evaluation. We often support the customer with the selection phase and, if necessary, revisions. Then we finalize the final logo and submit all the high-quality files to you!

Process of renovation:

  • We question the customer in order to clarify the mechanism that contributed to the re-launch decision.
  • First, we pick the elements from the original system that can be incorporated into the current design. This helps the client to recall.
  • Then we go on to play with the color schemes, background colors, and fonts of the new logo to be developed.
  • The idea is eventually introduced to the client for analysis. We’ll make quick adjustments whenever requested.


How long would it take to create a logo?

For Initials and Workdmark and Popular and Recognizable bundles, our production phase’s outcomes may be anticipated within two to five working days.

Mascots and illustrative logos are usually available within three to five working days, while difficulty may result in longer processing times for either group. If this is the case, you will be informed before the deadline.

If I have an idea of my own, can it be used?

We are good at interacting, particularly with our customers, and welcome any suggestions or observations that could enhance your final design. We ‘re still going to make use of your feedback.

80% increase in brand recognition with a colored logo design

33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logo

In just 400 milliseconds the visual elements of a logo design are processed in the visual cortex of our brains.

67% of small businesses are willing to $500 for logo design while 18% would pay up to $1000




    These two terms, often used interchangeably are actually not the same.
    A logo is just a mark that visually identifies a brand. It can be a graphic image, the typographical representation of the brand or a combination of both.

    A visual identity is a broader concept that encompases all of the visual elements that make up the look and feel of a brand. It includes the logo, the colour palette, the fonts, image style, layouts and any other graphic element supporting the brand (business cards, packaging etc). All of these elements are outlined in a brand style guide.

    We work from your budget so pricing may vary according to the project details and logo design brief. For this reason, I offer you specific pricing based on the detailed information you will give me about the project as every logo design project is different.

    We create modern and unique brand and identity designs for customers all over the world, elevating through a design process tested in 10 years of experience to maximize customer profits and transmits the correct values referenced to the business.

    Because your identity, Your logo are extremely important. The logo is the primary element that visually characterizes your activity on public. People have to believe in your business based on what they see, and your logo is the image that best represents you.

    Logos are everywhere: they are on every business card, brochure, ad, website, bag, menu, postcard, social media page and many other materials and gadgets. Your logo is always at work, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Marketing your business and helping customers to get a good impression of it, and to convey trust. So you need a talented logo designer with the right experience to provide you an exceptional result.









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