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Top 8 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business 200% In 2020

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks to help maximize your efforts to generate B2B (Business to Business) market and B2B (Business to Business) leads?

If you replied yes, then this post is all about unveiling the best marketing strategies for LinkedIn which will help your company expand this year.

Is LinkedIn actually  effective?

LinkedIn is the most successful social enterprise network worldwide. More than 600 million professionals use it every day to create personal relations, discuss their industries, share knowledge and build careers.

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It’s also the B2B (Business to Business) prospecting site of choice. Through LinkedIn, businesses have direct access to their clients, rivals, partners, prospects and future hires. This can be used both for marketing and sales to attract and transform new companies. Research has shown that LinkedIn accounts for 80 percent of B2B (Business to Business) leads, and 94% of B2B (Business to Business) marketers use LinkedIn for content delivery.

Some powerful LinkedIn tips that will grow your business in 2020

1. Identify Your Goals

Like with every marketing campaign, recognition of the priorities is essential. LinkedIn ‘s normal marketing goals for B2B can include:

  • To increase your image and authority in the company.
  • Generate, cultivate and capture leads.
  • Conduct traffic related to your website.
  • Promoting appearances at the event.

If you are conscious of what your priorities are, it is easier to devise a workable marketing strategy. 

2. Complete Your Company Profile

Your corporate profile on LinkedIn will always be the heart and soul of your online brand. Getting a rock-solid profile is important when people search for your company online and get to learn more about your goods and services.

 LinkedIn Marketing - Marketingspire

You just get one chance to make a first impression; when you first click on your website, your company profile is where most of the people in your target market go. Here are some tips to fill out a really nice company profile: 

  • Make sure you complete your profile completely. Don’t leave loopholes!
  • It hardly goes without saying, however-no typos or grammar errors!
  • Look at the rivals’ profiles. How would you do to make your organization stand out beside them?
  • Did you earn any honors or distinctions from industry recently? Read them out!
  • Likewise, do you have any known customers? Mention them in your profile, if they have approved you to do so.

  • Please provide a link to our website for your client. When people like what they read in your profile they ‘re going to want to know more!
  • Finally, make sure you use the space available on the banner. Use this wisely; you might have other campaign messages that you want to drive through here. Think of the banner as the front of your online shop and make it work for you.

It’s important to complete your LinkedIn profile, as it helps you to find yourself in searches and gives you a great opportunity to impress future clients. This gives you the confidence you need to persuade potential prospects to reach out to you and launch a discussion on LinkedIn.

3. Optimize Your Page For Search

A major profile of the business will only get you so far. What’s the nice thing about finding one, if people find it difficult to find?

It is where SEO (optimization of search engines) comes into play. Insert keywords into a profile of your client. The keywords you select must be important to your company and representative of what you do. 

Unsure what key phrases to use? Begin by asking yourself which words or phrases a prospect might enter while searching for your product or service on Google. 

4. Start Sharing Content

Once you have configured your profile, it is time to start creating content. 

Content for LinkedIn marketing - Marketingspire

For any social media site content marketing is important and LinkedIn is no exception. In reality LinkedIn content marketing can be more effective than any other channel.

You have a target audience of professionals hungry for expertise and information with LinkedIn-91 per cent of executive’s rate LinkedIn as their first choice for technical content.

Making the most of this by sharing blogs, webinars and videos around topics related to your target audience. Focus on quality-if you can, reach out to your industry’s thought leaders who are involved on LinkedIn and ask them to participate. Post your content regularly and you’ll soon be creating an audience that comes back to your page each week.

Don’t think content marketing demands a big budget! There are plenty of free tools for making graphics and images. Here are some notable suppliers:

  • Canva-free resource for creating graphics.
  • Unplash – A free high resolution picture library.
  • Piktochart – The maker of infographics.
  • Lumen5– Transforms text into a video.

5. Best Practices on Content Sharing:

  • High-value posts (new / hero posts or high-engagement events) are best conducted on Tuesday-Thursday.
  • Posts of low value: Monday or Friday (re-shares, repurposing’s, old content).
  • Headlines for posts (including spaces) will be 40-69 characters. When the copy splits, you have 220 words, and are covered.
  • Types of top performing headlines include: questions, lists and guidebooks.
  • Hashtags should be used with caution and, if possible, on a new line.
  • Usually the link you post will be a piece / page itself, to pull the picture and increase the area of the button. Please use a connection to track where possible.
  • LinkedIn ‘s algorithm rewards posts with no corporate ties, so sometimes-particularly from personal accounts-write engaging post copies and put the link in the comments.

6. Grow Your Network

Marketing content is one way of attracting new fans. You can do other things, as well. Seek a blend of these 5 methods:

Make sure all of your staff are following your company page and enjoying your posts (create a Slack channel to exchange content on social media). You are your biggest advocates for the brand, and the most likely to share your content.

Invite customers and collaborators to follow through on your website. Promote your presence on the LinkedIn forums, email updates and press releases.

Share the material of others-if you see a blog post or article you want, share it! Especially if it’s important in your business, or by an influencer.

Label links in your promotional material, if you think they are going to find it useful.

Tell your good customers to write your company website with feedback and testimonials. It’s good social proof. Write out suggestions for others, too! 

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

It’s time to diversify, after you’ve learned the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing. Posting experiment at various times of the day or of the week. When you find that a certain form of post is getting more attention than others-do more!

Look at the pages of your rival, again. As well do they use LinkedIn? Is there something that they let you do? And, conversely, is there anything you can do that they are not doing? Check the sector for holes and see if you can fill them.


8. Always Measure Your Results

You need to review your activities periodically to get better at data-driven marketing on LinkedIn. Most social media schedulers have a regular reporting feature. If you do not need one of them, don’t worry! You will get a tremendous amount of insight from LinkedIn’s own analytics sites.

LinkedIn Analytics is divided into three sections:

Visitor Analytics

What you need to learn about those people who click on your page, including:

  • The cumulative amount of page views over time, and frequent guests.
  • Desktop and Mobile user split.
  • Demographic details such as employment role, location, size of industry and business.

Update Analytics

Commitment metrics for all your posts on LinkedIn including:

  • The cumulative amount of likes, mentions, clicks and shares that you’ve had over a given period of time.
  • The interaction ratio between the organic content and the supported content (if you run any LinkedIn ads).
  • Post-by-post real-time data including reviews, likes, clicks and the aggregated interaction rate held by LinkedIn.

Follower Analytics

All the relevant details about your audience including:

  • The total number of followers you have, and how many new followers you’ve received in the past 30 days.
  • Demographic details for all your fans, showing you where they are living and working.
  • A competition tracker comparing and tracking your followers to those of other related firms.

Final Thoughts:

Without a question, LinkedIn is one of the best marketing platforms that will help you grow your business. As for advanced online networking, it’s at the forefront of the minds of most people. Your company needs to be there and the incentives it provides you need to make the most of.

Ideally these marketing tactics from LinkedIn will help you formulate a marketing strategy for your company in social media. Follow our advice and follow through with your results.