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What we deliver through Social Media Marketing:

Instagram seems to have more than billions of users worldwide, with about 50% of their posts streaming daily. Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity. With the help of a experienced social media specialist, the company will expand the scope and exposure of its visual material.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is how the advertisers utilize the platform to communicate to their target markets. This is widely used for marketing products and services as well as for building brand awareness and loyalty. Its success has increased with advertisers recognizing the value of visual content.

In reality, 32% of marketers’ state that graphical photos are the most effective type of content in their strategy.

The success of the site with customers allows it a massive opportunity for companies who can step in and start engaging. As for other aspects of social network marketing, it’s also worthwhile creating a sense of community.

Effective Instagram marketing campaign takes full advantage of all the product resources it has to provide. Typical strategies shall include:

1. Optimization of profiles:

A full profile lets you win the confidence of your followers. This includes a marketed display picture, an explanatory bio, impressive story outlines and a website link(optional).

Your account ‘s development also depends on its interaction with others. It is essential to read, like and comment on articles from other accounts. Furthermore, posting user generated content will improve communication to prospective consumers.

2. Researched keyword:

Instagram hashtags and keyword are the way people discover new profiles to join.

3. A routine schedule of postings:

It is essential to post such that your marketing campaign remains relevant regularly. And also you need to know about the different timings which works the best for your post. 

4. Instagram Stories & Feed:

Instagram stories will remain at the top of the client feeds. They are around for 24 hours, making them ideal for posting relevant content and relatively short time offers. Instagram feeds are helpful to promote photos or videos, products or services or build a relationship with your followers.


Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Content Development

Instagram Page Growth

Instagram Monitoring

Instagram Management Reporting

5. Right Content Management

Using best creative ideas to craft down best and unique Instagram experiences, we design most engaging content possible for you.

How is Instagram essential to the marketing firm?

Instagram is among the most successful social networking sites, but it’s not just the level of the platform’s user base that makes it desirable to advertisers. Especially in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, more Instagrammers follow as well as engage with content daily. In fact, eight in ten Instagram accounts are running a business. Hence, it becomes the most favorable and essential to any marketing firm or for that matter any other line of business.

Brands on Instagram have numerous ways to make substantive interactions with prospective buyers that are both recognizable and genuine. This ensures that the value of your Instagram posts is significant. 

Approximately 81% of consumers used Instagram to research products and services. With the help of an expert social media strategist, your brand can reach millions of potential customers who are ready to purchase. 

Marketingspire: Instagram Marketing Company in India

If you’re trying to bring your marketing image in front of a large community of prospective buyers, Instagram is the place to be. Enhanced profiles, breathtaking posts and amazing content, could even assist businesses and succeed.

Dedicated social media strategists at Marketingspire will help you define your target, and develop winning visual marketing strategies. At present more than 90% of the big brands have their Instagram accounts. Instagram has also become a lead generation platform where companies give business to their clients in a very legitimate manner. As a leading Instagram Marketing Agency in Delhi, India we at Marketingspire offer Instagram Marketing Services to help businesses grow and meet their goals. We create and manage top-performing Instagram advertising campaigns for your business.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, and 500 million of them use it daily

Instagram continues to attract a younger audience with 72% of teens saying that they use the platform

Ad spending on Instagram is 23% higher than on Facebook

By the end of 2020, Instagram’s share of that revenue will grow to 30% globally




    The answer is very simple; Instagram allows you to present a certain side of your business to your customers and prospects. What you present on Instagram is a visual story, showing behind the scenes at your offices, for example. Over time, you can use the platform to build up a level of trust and familiarity that pushes forward your branding message much more powerfully than it might on other platforms.

    Consider it a very visual and sophisticated version of a company brochure, and one that is online.

    Hahstags on Instagram are very easy to use and they have become kind of a prerequisite for businesses. To get ahead of the game here, try and think of one before you dive into Instagram, and make it your company hashtag; the one you use the most. It works well on Instagram because if you get it right.

    Everyone can enjoy using Instagram for business. It has a lot of value and is generally a good way to get the branding of your company across.

    A business can generate 50 or more leads a day by just using Instagram. Once a business understands how Instagram marketing works, getting traffic and leads will be easier.
    Marketing a business on Instagram is almost the same as marketing to other social networks. You need to provide a content, interact with your audience, and keep the promotions at a minimal number. The only difference is your posts should include a good and engaging image.

    t seems like a Facebook Page is required if you want to run Instagram ads. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, another option is to run Facebook ads (with some limitations).

    Can I create Instagram ads without an Instagram account?
    Yes, you can! All you need is a Facebook Page. If you don’t connect an Instagram account, here are a few things to be mindful of:

    * Your Facebook Page’s name and profile photo will be used on your Instagram ads to let people know the ads are from your business.
    * You can’t reply to comments on your Instagram ads.
    * Your Facebook Page’s name will be used as your Instagram handle, which won’t be clickable. If your Facebook Page’s name is more than 30 characters, it’ll be truncated with an ellipsis (“…”).

    Instagram ads will only appear in the Instagram app on iOS and Android devices. They will not be shown to people who are browsing Instagram on a desktop computer or other mobile sites. If you want people to see your ads on a desktop computer, Facebook ads might be a better option.

    Facebook’s recommendation is yes. When you run ads on both platforms, Facebook will optimize your ad placement to achieve the most results with the lowest cost. Facebook Marketing Science did a study and found this to be true.’s experience with Facebook and Instagram ads confirmed this, too.

    Having said that, it might be worth considering if your Facebook and Instagram strategies are aligned and if your Facebook ad might look out of place on Instagram and vice versa. For instance, as our Instagram account focuses on user-generated content, an ad for Facebook about video marketing tips will likely look odd on people’s Instagram feed.

    Yes! Facebook has an incredible resource about every type of ad for every marketing objective. In there, it previews an sample ad and lists the design recommendation, technical requirements, and call-to-action information for every single type of ad.









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