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Google Tag Manager is a simple and effective way to immediately introduce version control samples of code for your website. Effectively, this ensures that the website should not be at risk of unintended loss of the critical code. Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps you to connect the following features and functionality to your website without the requirement for a programmer:

  • Google Analytics and google ads
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Monitor e-commerce
  • Monitoring the Target
  • Customized HTML

Also, Google Tag Manager helps you to build or handle users quickly with the ability to check and fix code samples before running a live version.

Some of our customers utilize our Google Tag Management capabilities in tandem with Google Analytics, offering visibility into app experiences and behavior.

MarketingSpire can set download and configure the Google Tag Manager on the WordPress site and any other site. We provide Google Tag Manager and Analytics Experts who will offer on-site training and step-by-step instruction to help you make use of this highly useful free resource.

Use Google Tag Manager to monitor visitor engagement as well as actions quickly

Google Tag Manager Services:

Google Tag Manager is a powerful resource, although it can be complicated. Weak Google Tag Manager approach, inaccurate implementations, unpredictable tagging systems, and loss of active GTM research lead to wrong tagging and, eventually, weak results.

Our Google Tag Manager expertise minimizes specific problems for our customers by performing extensive Google Tag Manager assessments, introducing tailored GTM strategies focused on your company requirements, delivering continuing advisory services to Google Tag Manager, and ensuring that marking and integrations are compatible with the account. Our team offers tailored reports through Google Analytics and Google Data Studio and extensive GTM coaching for the development team.

MarketingSpire is a Certified Agency for Google Tag Managers. We also undergone the comprehensive mandatory training needed to meet the design guidelines and improve the functionality of your GTM.

As a Google Analytics Accredited Organization, all Marketingspire workers are expected to be Google Analytics Accredited. You can be confident that you are getting a systematic research approach through departments and as part of a broader marketing strategy.

We are one of the founding Google Tag Managers and Accredited Collaborators for Analytics. This ensures that we have early exposure to the new updates, betas, and whitelists enabled for both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, placing us at the edge of the latest software and technologies.

Google Tag Manager can be extremely confusing for those who are not acquainted with the coding and layout of the website. Setting up and managing can be daunting. That’s where we’re coming in. Our accredited GTM expertise will oversee the installation, maintenance, and management of your Google Tag Manager account so that you can concentrate on managing and expanding your company.

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Our Google Tag Manager Services Process:

Marketingspire provides a range of Google Tag Manager tools, including extensive monitoring, setup of Google Tag Manager bins, tag and cause creation, ongoing testing, and professional practice optimization. We can also have a Google Tag Manager strategy approach to ensure that you get the best out of your Google Tag Manager profile.

Audit and Mapping of Tag:

To achieve a more excellent knowledge of the well-being of your GTM account, we will begin with a thorough audit. Our Google Tag Manager specialists will evaluate your website and map the marking structure for your new Google Tag Manager container. When you already have a Google Tag Manager account, our specialists can review the current Google Tag Manager container to ensure that the data is structured, reliable to captured accordingly.

Our audits shall include:

  • Initial meetings with your sales team to talk about ongoing and prospective tagging needs. 
  • Auditing your existing Google Tag Manager container
  • Tracing and analysis of the layout of the tagging
  • Suggestions for continual enhancement of Google Manager Tag  
  • Attach your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Accounts.

Our Google Tag Manager audits are intended to continue providing you with a checklist for the proper application of GTM on your platform. We can deliver this audit to your project teams or, quite commonly, we can operate on enacting all the suggestions with the first move towards continued interaction.

Installation and Configurations:

As a Google Tag Manager Certified Company, Marketingspire has deployed tons of Google Tag Manager setups, spanning from essential data monitoring to sophisticated labeling. We ensure that your Google Tag Manager account is appropriately set up and designed to monitor your company goals, incorporate the software and analytics systems you need to operate and control your company.

The installation and configuration strategies of our Google Tag Manager usually involve:

  • Setup of Google Tag Manager Account
  • Transformation of goal and monitoring of event
  • Monitor tap-to-Call
  • Monitoring of video
  • Refresh-tracking
  • Input validation issues with Google Tag Manager

Maintenance & Consulting:

As your marketing strategies and initiatives grow, so will the need to ensure that the labeling processes are correct and that you capture the evidence, you need to move the company forward.

As part of the ongoing Google Tag Manager and Analytics initiative with Marcel Digital, we will periodically inspect the application of the Google Tag Manager to ensure that the tagging system is reliable and that data is gathered appropriately for long-term performance.

41.4% of marketing websites use Google Tag Manager (GTM)

94.6% of websites use Google Analytics (GA)

12 is the average number of marketing tags (including GTM and GA) on the typical marketing website.

Facebook Pixel is used by 14.9% of all the websites as a traffic analysis tool




    Google Tag Manager is a tool offered by Google which enables you to manage various tracking codes (marketing tags, analytics tags) and other code snippets on your website/web app/mobile app.

    With Google Tag Manager, you can track various interactions and then send captured data to 3rd party tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Adwords, etc. Here are some of the interactions you can capture:

    * Link clicks
    * Button clicks
    * Video player interactions (Youtube, Vimeo, and others)
    * Social interactions
    * Scrolling
    * When a particular element appears on the screen
    * Form submissions
    * Spot the moment when the visitor is about to leave the website, etc.

    The main benefits of GTM are:

    * GTM makes the tag/code deployment faster.
    * All tags are controlled in one place.
    * You can also use various browser extensions to make the testing process faster and more efficient.
    * Its free version is feature-rich and more than enough to small/medium businesses.
    * Growing popularity and helpful communities.

    Anyone who wants to add/remove/edit various tracking codes on their (or their client’s) website. This usually includes digital marketers, web analysts, SEOs, PPC specialists, owners of e-commerce businesses, etc.

    With Google Tag Manager you’ll be much more in control of what’s being tracked/measured on a website/app.

    Google Analytics (GA) should be the centre of your online marketing activities providing insights into which channels are working, and measuring the key performance indicators. It allows you to know all the valuable actions and revenue being generated online.

    Google Analytics can also help you improve your website and revenue by seeing where users are spending most of their time, the most popular areas of your website to exploit, and the drop off in your online funnels and sales processes.

    No. Google Tag Manager plays well with a lot of different platforms/tools. It offers a wide range of predefined tag templates (like Google Analytics, HotJar, Twitter Universal Tag, etc.) and, additionally, you can add custom codes with help of Custom HTML tag.

    A good example would be Facebook Pixel. Even though there’s no ready-made temple for it, you can still easily implement it with Custom HTML and Custom Image Tag

    Is Google Tag Manager Free?
    Google Tag Manager has both Free and Premium plan. A free plan is more than enough to small and medium businesses. Large enterprises can benefit from a paid Google Tag Manager 360 option.









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