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Google Analytics, Google’s free, robust analytics platform, leads the market of prominent manufacturers and makes utilization roughly 2/3 of the top 10k websites worldwide. Google Analytics is used for a broad range of uses, include traffic monitoring, program analysis, and measurement of KPIs.

Google Analytics Services:

Marketing Spire offers web analytics tools that support companies gather accurate and workable data from Google Analytics. Our primary expertise is based on Google Analytics audits and Coaching.

“You are losing sales if you haven’t designed Google Analytics appropriately.”

Google Analytics Audit:

Do you trust the data on Google Analytics? Precise information gathering is the first, yet rather significant, phase in digital research. We will consult with you to fine-tune your calculation approach, setup, and deployment. Both of them compatible with your company goals.

GA Audit: Increase the performance of your statistics and insight.

A comprehensive evaluation of Google Analytics is the very first phase in achieving good data accuracy.

Your most important business decisions must be based on accurate data. And the data needs to be both valid and accessible.

Investing resources in research, review, and improvement is a waste of energy because you haven’t spent enough time making the data collection techniques correctly.

Do you believe in your website Analytics?

The study of tons of Google Analytics profiles has told one thing:

“At a minimum, 95 percent of Google analytics tools are incomplete in one direction or another.”

Almost all of the time, there are quite a few significant shortcomings that significantly popular the data output.

Here seem to be five very typical errors:

  • Factual errors in measuring the stream.
  • Weak routers and non-reliable results.
  • Problems of target setup.
  • Copied issues of the page.
  • E-commerce monitoring faults.

Marketing Spire’s Google Analytics tests are detailed, up-to-date, and cover any part of your GA system that you need to get correct.

So that you continue gathering useful quality data that lets you make the right management decisions!

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead With Marketingspire

Get a summary of your rankings

Measure ROI regularly

Monitor your site constantly

Keep your rank intact

How would our Google Analytics Audit help you:

This Google Analytics test is the best one for you if you want to:

  • Get an unbiased analysis of Google Analytics by an Analytics Professional who doesn’t turn away.
  • Find the data that the colleagues and you will trust.
  • Stop losing more customers because of poor data insights and decisions.
  • Justify investing more resources on other facets of the company.
  • Gain a lot of Analytics and Optimization all along the way.

Google Analytics Coaching:

We will work closely together to help improve the web and Google Analytics expertise. You must know how to collect accurate and useful info. And how to evaluate the data to enhance the goals of the online enterprise.

Remember: Coaching is provided as just an add-on to the Google Analytics audit.

Advantages of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most commonly deployed digital technology tool in the world among all big corporations. This offers a full image of brand success with too many soul-configurable choices.


Start low to unlimited, combine with google ads monitor targets, migrate from organic, paid traffic, and grow to Advanced Google Analytics 360.

Great environment:

Google Analytics is enabled by a range of top publicity, advertisement, and analytics systems for effortlessly combining and sharing info.

Relatively small Insights:

Gain exposure to concentrated level knowledge on consumer segmentation, ad use, goal sales, and cart abandonment.

Analysis designing:

Link data-driven methodology to the most effective networks uses attribution models on both conversion and non-converting consumer experiences.

Widgets Extendable:

Google Analytics Dashboards enable users to install several real-time widgets and configure deeper with real-time site analytics and mobile analytics results.

Friendly Marketer:

Non-catechists will manage Google Analytics and monitor any real exchange of digital assets between consumers and effectively push re-targeting efforts.

We make you enable us to boost the importance of data over the lifespan.

41.4% of marketing websites use Google Tag Manager (GTM)

94.6% of websites use Google Analytics (GA)

12 is the average number of marketing tags (including GTM and GA) on the typical marketing website.

Facebook Pixel is used by 14.9% of all the websites as a traffic analysis tool




    Google Analytics is the most popular online tracking and analysis software. It provides a lot of information about your website visitors and users, their origin and their behaviour so you can monitor, measure and improve your online presence.

    Google Analytics (GA) should be the centre of your online marketing activities providing insights into which channels are working, and measuring the key performance indicators. It allows you to know all the valuable actions and revenue being generated online.

    Google Analytics can also help you improve your website and revenue by seeing where users are spending most of their time, the most popular areas of your website to exploit, and the drop off in your online funnels and sales processes.

    Google Analytics can track all your multi channel online marketing activities, including some offline. If you understand and take action on the data, this will help make your website more visible and drive more revenue by improving your online presence.

    Interpreting the data within analytics can save you money by making you realise which marketing channels are working, and which ones need improvement, or can be dropped.

    Maybe you’re paying several hundred, or thousand dollars a year on a listing on a third party website? Using Analytics will help you know how much traffic you are getting from that link, and how much enquiries or revenue it’s driving.

    Sure it can. When you are running any form of digital marketing you want to know what returns you are getting. This includes organic search engine optimisation, paid advertising (such as Google AdWords or Facebook), or any third party listings.

    Without spending some effort working out which goals and conversions you should be tracking, you’re probably not giving your marketing campaigns justice.









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