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Top 11 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020?

To keep up with today’s fast digital world and reach out with your marketing, you must constantly keep up with the prevailing marketing trends.

It is not an easy task I can reveal! Today, one of the biggest prevailing marketing trends is that you as a marketer should be an omnichannel expert, i.e., know a lot about different channels and strategies.

If you have several other balls in the air, this may be next to impossible. Therefore, as a Marketing Consultant, we want to help you get an overview of the important marketing trends for 2020!

What is a marketing trend? In today’s digital world, a marketing trend is a global trend that we see permeates all digital marketing.

Although AI, data-driven and automated marketing will have a strong position in 2020. An overall focus will be on customer experience.

The definition of the concept of marketing is constantly changing and is moving towards becoming broader. If you want increased or continued effect, then this will require you to look outside the classic framework.

 Marketing will mean more than branding and advertising. Marketers need to work with and draw inspiration from other departments to create better customer experiences and more lasting customer relationships.

The most important insight into marketing in 2020 is the shift from convincing customers to buy, to create a fantastic customer experience that makes them return as a customer.

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Efficiency, convenience, knowledgeable staff, good service, and simple payment options are what people value most. This means that what the customer encounters plays a key role in creating a good customer experience.

These megatrends below are global marketing trends 2020 that you as a marketer should be aware of.

#1 Personalization Of All Marketing

This point must be first on my list because I want to emphasize how enormously important it is not to draw an entire target group or customer segment over the same comb. In 2020, successful marketing will depend on personification. This applies to both large and small companies!

Hence, it is strongly recommend that you review the data and set up a strategy for your data-driven marketing.

#2 Data-Driven Leads at best to AI

No one has probably escaped all the talk about AI, artificial intelligence either. So far, AI has not been noticeable, except in really large companies with huge marketing budgets.

2020 seems to be the year when even smaller companies adopt chat robots and product recommendations with the help of AI. However, this also requires that the previous point is in condition.

#3 SEO A/B Testing & Zero-Click Content Marketing Dominate

As with most things in marketing and above all data-driven marketing, we can now also start A/B testing our websites from an organic perspective. There have already been various services in 2019 to be able to isolate SEO variables. And thus be able to more accurately optimize pages’ organic traffic. In 209 Google made several major changes to organic and paid search results. We have already seen that some sites are big winners while others lost huge amounts of traffic. Hence, this SEO A/B test trend is something we will only see grow during 2020!

Zero-click, which is all the search results you find on Google without ever leaving Google’s search results, is also something all SEO marketers should consider in 2020. For a winning SEO strategy, content marketing will also dominate in 2020.

#4 Video Is Here To Stay – But In What Form

This trend has continued for a long time and continues to do so. Video is one of the most important and continuing growing marketing trends in 2020. Today, the video does not have to mean that the material is created as moving, but all social platforms offer tools for creating moving material from still images. Take advantage of it – and also get acquainted with original moving material.

Some of the video trends we will see growth in 2020 are live video, video material that has built-in shopping opportunities, and 360 videos.

#5 New Search Features on Google & Social, Visual Search

A novelty we have seen entering the market is the ability to search (for example Google) with images. This trend is strongly linked to the fact that today we are more visually focused than just reading text. With the image search, you can easily get more information about the image, as well as all content linked to it.

#6 Google Ads

Google Ads has been a major player for many years, but like everything else, it continues to evolve. Gone are the days of simple PPC and keyword generation. Many of Google’s latest features revolve around machine learning and customer-centric marketing.

For example, with Google’s new smart display campaigns, advertisers can show ads in virtually any format across the Google Display Network. This means that advertising reaches people at all stages of the sales funnel. From those who are just beginning to show interest, to those who are willing to pay.

To do this, Google combines three optimization technologies, including automatic bidding, automatic targeting, and automatic ad creation. When you target, these ads appear where they receive the most relevant feedback at the best price.

This change will affect how Google determines ad placement for years to come.

#7 Word of Mouth Marketing

Another benefit of building social media communities is that they help with word of mouth marketing, another major digital marketing trend for 2020. Communities will enable you to interact with your brand’s advocates, nano, or micro-influencers.

Although marketing efforts with influencers have been at the forefront in recent years, things are changing a little more this year. Now, consumers will act with the reactions of their friends to the services they use or receive, not what the celebrities say. Word of mouth marketing will help build your true audience. In this way, you will reach your goals faster and your permanent audience will be formed.

#8 Social Media as Customer Service

Customer service is always one of the most important stages of providing a good service or product. When this stage is managed correctly by the brand, long-term gains are obtained. Along with social media, customer service formation took a different dimension. Now, a single consumer review can glorify you or hurt you. At this point, it is very important that customer services change the working principles and analyze the situation in social media clearly and approach it with the right strategies.

Over a quarter of consumers used social media to communicate a brand last year. It is believed that communicating over social media is a good way to get 24-hour service. In their brands, social media like consumers should increase the use of customer service. Consumers are waiting for feedback on the questions they ask brands or comments made on the same day. Responding to a customer complaint can increase trust in the brand by up to 25%. In this way, the brand wins loyal customers.

Using social media platforms as a form of customer service will become a major trend in 2020, especially for many brands that want to create online communities.

#9 Voice search Is Growing

In the English-speaking part of the world, voice search has been trending already in 2019. And we are still in the starting stage with voice search. But in 2020 we will see a big upswing in this category as well. With voice search, we will go from short-tail (short-tail) keywords to long-tail search phrases and this is what every marketer should be prepared for.

#10 The Effect of Influencer Marketing

There has been a lot of talk about influencer marketing in 2019 and whether it is a permanent field in the marketing world. In my opinion and many other marketers, this type of marketing is here to stay. We see that interest in this, the marketing budgets, and the industry for influencers is only growing.

One major reason is that the influencer segment has matured over the past year. In 2020, we will see new opportunities to measure the effect of influencer marketing on brands. By being able to sift away cheating and measure real impact, I believe that this segment will grow a lot in 2020.

#11 Social Commerce, Social Media Trading, and Micro-Moments

As influencers hold their positions in 2020, the social platforms have had to develop their range. Most social media (such as Instagram and Facebook) today offer in-app shopping opportunities. And this makes it easy for you as a consumer to buy what you see, where you are. A trend we will only see grow in 2020.

This is loosely linked to another megatrend we will see more of in 2020, micro-moments. It is the marketing strategy that is based on your brand being in the right place, at the right time and offering the right thing to capture the interest of your target group.


The most important marketing trends in 2020 that you should be aware of are customer experiences, employee engagement, and content visualization. 

The emergence of image-based, digital experiences such as Pinterest and Instagram shows that visualization of a message is becoming increasingly important. A marketing trend that is not new but will grow even stronger in 2020 is images and videos. New types of video formats and ways to consume moving content are constantly evolving. The old saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” is very relevant, while a video says more than a thousand pictures.

Collecting and analyzing customer data from various sources will improve the opportunity for marketing with a more personal approach to the customer. The message has a greater impact than traditional broad marketing. At the same time, the issue of measurement is sensitive and the last word has not yet been heard about GDPR and third-party measurement.

Successful marketing trends 2020 is not just based on campaigns from communicators or marketers. All of an organization’s business operations must be permeated by a marketing mindset.

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