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Best 12 SEO Practices In 2020

Regarding growth in on-line competition and the introduction of new websites. It’s time to review your marketing plan and invest in SEO. 

SEO approaches are of very high significance to websites which must meet the specific criteria set by search engines such as Google. You must know the SEO practices to update the website. You have to make sure more prospects to clients can find you in the results of the search engine.

Here are the top 12 SEO practices to follow in 2020:

1. Snippets Dominate More Search Clicks

In recent years Google has evolved to provide the user with a better search experience, as with Featured Snippets.

Featured Snippets typically seem above the #1 ranking, typically cited as Position 0. To take advantage of this selection and force extra clicks in your website, you want to offer clean solutions to typically requested questions about your website. 

Featured Snippets are reviewed and developed to the highest degree based on the consistency that is decided by Google. Do not take this phenomenon with lightness. 

It is because 54.68% of Google clicks come from Featured Snippets, indicating that over half of the search engine clicks are powered by them.

Featured snippets are a great chance for content creators. Because they help you to create more organic traffic, even when you’re not ranked top # 1.

2. Influencers Should Be Leveraged for SEO

We also find themselves overwhelmed with misleading advertising and seek knowledge we can trust and honest feedback. This led to an increase in ads for influencers. 

Customers are much more likely than ads to contact a trusted and well-known person. Investment in influencer advertising and marketing is improved with the aid of using virtual entrepreneurs and media shops. As it yielded exquisite results. 

According to Marketingspire 39% of marketers invested between $25 K and $50 K on effect advertising and marketing. It has boosted their influencer advertising and marketing budgets in 2020.

You may wonder at first glance how this relates to SEO. Hiring or collaborating with an influencer will help you expand the scope of your content and drive even more traffic to your web. 

They allow you to create beneficial backlinks, too. Backlinks, as you know, are one of the most significant criteria Google uses. Google uses these backlinks to determine a ranking of a web page. 

Consider what kind of content you want them to produce while designing your influencer marketing campaign. How can it relate back to your website? And be sure to collaborate with influencers important to your industry and public. If they may be an expert discern with an awesome virtual presence, they will have gold as their backlinks.

When you invest in influencer marketing, your brand recognition and leads are generated. It will also improve your search engine rankings.

3. Secure Websites Are a Must

User safety is another phenomenon that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with SEO. But as you know the website user experience is very critical. 

When a user does not feel safe to visit a web page then it is very likely that they will quit soon. And if they see the existence of a “Not Safe” message, they may choose not to go to your website. 

High bounce rates may thus affect the page’s place in the organic search database. Enabling the HTTPS protocol to your site is critical. HTTPS gives users of the website a secure both encrypted and authenticated link.

Google wants to provide a safe browsing experience for its users, so those who implement HTTPS can experience a slight SEO boost.

When you are trying to gather your users’ personal information via a web form on your website, then you have a duty to protect their privacy.

Ensuring your users that their data will be protected for as long as they stay on the page is extremely important.

There are still a lot of vulnerabilities on the web. You can implement new security measures on your own website every day.

4. Websites Optimize for Voice Search

Until revolutionary smartphones existed, people searched their desktops by plugging words into search engine boxes. Keywords from that activity were born. 

With mobile device usage growing, voice searches are becoming a common phenomenon among internet users. Not only are these searches on tablets, but they can also be done on home voice assistants. Some of these are Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod etc.

You should understand and incorporate conversational searches into your SEO plan. Also how to optimize your website for voice search will help you generate more organic traffic.

So how does SEO improve voice searches? Voice searches have a big effect on SEO. Since it’s all about asking questions via voice rather than entering search queries. The words have subsequently become more conversational and more focused. 

Nonetheless, the search engine will do a lot of research. When using voice searches to get the correct information that the user is searching for at the moment. You should make short choppy keywords no longer that important. This transition is inevitable, considering that more than 50 per cent of all internet searches are anticipated to be conducted by speech by the year 2020. 

So if you want to stand out in the current search engines the content should adapt to this new trend.

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5. Mobile UX Will Determine Your Rankings

A website without a mobile version will lose most of its users in the coming years. As mobile web pages are a growing trend which will become even more common in 2020. Especially as more people are having smartphones around the world as more cell phone towers are being built with better connectivity.

However, technology and how people find information from their mobile devices is becoming so sophisticated. It is because just getting a mobile website isn’t enough-the interface needs to be easy to read. Also it should capture people’s attention and then have the potential to answer their questions or at least keep them amused.

Statistics show that 4 in 5 users use their mobile devices to do local searches on search engines. 

Marketingspire has conducted a research and its results can be seen below, smartphone searches are 88%, while device and tablet searches combined reflect 84%.

Since more people are searching from their smartphones than from a device. It is crucial for your website to have a mobile version to reach the most people interested in your product.

If you want to keep up with your competitors your pages need to be optimized for mobile devices. And note, the higher you’re in the ranking of Google’s web app, the more popular your website is.

6. Videos as a Source of Information

Just as voice searches are becoming much more common, on-line videos are also growing exponentially. Studies by Google and other organizations indicate that 6 out of 10 people would prefer to watch videos online rather than TV. In several ways, YouTube now seems to have been the new TV. 

Current net users, especially millennials and younger, opt to get data through online videos, both for educational functions or only for entertainment. For most companies therefore, incorporating online video should be on the radar. When a quality video is interactive, it can attract many users and doesn’t put viewers to sleep.

So what impact does this have on SEO?

You need to customize it for the search users to hit more people with your videos. To do this, use relevant keywords in your video description and headline. It will ensure that the video reaches the maximum number of people interested in this subject.

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7. CTR and Dwell Time Will Become Important Ranking Factors

As humans get used to lightning-rapid net connectivity and statistics at their disposal. Internet site and email click-through rates (CTR) and dwelling time will matter much more to the success of your SEO efforts. 

Both metrics are significant since they provide great insight into the web searcher’s satisfaction. The amount of time that someone lingers on a page or other links the person clicks on will unwittingly tell you everything. It will tell you they are interested in your content and whether they find the information they find the information.

The more time a page spends, in general, indicates how happy a person finds what they are looking for. In 2020, we expect search engines to value dwelling time more.

One thing to remember is that in SEO, dwell time is different from CTR. CTR measures the number of people who clicked on a connection based on the number who saw the SERP. while dwell time is more interested in what people do after clicking on the page, not the number of people who click on it.

8. High-quality Content is More Important Than Ever

Online ads still work for driving companies, but in the coming years we’ll see that they’re going to get even more expensive. And there’s sadly no guarantee that consumers will respond to your ads. Ninety-one percent of overall ad spending is consumed for less than a second; in 2017. This resulted in a loss of $38 billion in digital ad spending.

This is why high-quality content development is an integral element of successful SEO strategies. Users need important, supportive, and well-timed content material. And that’s also what Google ambitions to praise with better seek engine rankings. With questions, people go to search engines, and your web page needs answers.

Content needs to be well researched and follow a logical structure which makes navigation and reading simple.

Informative and quality articles are the only type of content which will increase the success of a website in 2020 and beyond. Online customers are easy to spot and ignore too-salesy web pages or blog posts.

What people want is to provide informational content in easy to consume formats, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

9. Users Demand Excellent Digital Experiences

No matter how good the content is, none of this matters if you don’t load the web page easily or have a complicated user interface.

It has been shown that internet users abandon a web page when it loads in a couple of seconds. It is a very important factor in the SEO world. A 1-second delay in page load time can actually lead to a huge loss for your company.

If you have increased page speed, you need to reflect on the user experience as well. Navigation should be reasonable, and understandable. Do not use words or phrases which are unfamiliar to your audience. 

If you may think something is imaginative or clever, you must put yourself in the shoes of your spectator. In a split-second, will they understand what you mean? If not, they’ll bounce off your web page and go back to the SERP. 

High bounce rates have a negative impact on your search results. Those variables are or are not the difference behind the website being in a search engine’s top positions.

10. Content Length Matters

Web pages containing longer material of high quality typically get more exposure today. Yet why are they? Okay, the fact is that Internet users tend to use a single reliable source to get all the information they need.

Research has shown that pages that have 2,000 or more words of content typically get more readers than smaller words of an article.

So high word count alone is not enough. The content must be sufficiently detailed and rich to answer all the questions that users have and be able to tackle personal questions.

The more time people spend on a web page, the more likely Google would be to reward the website with more organic traffic, in addition to that.

Ideally, you will regularly publish high-quality content so that Google and its ranking algorithm can still keep your website active and new in their eyes.

11. Artificial Intelligence is the New Norm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of today’s most relevant innovations. It is being used to construct unique, personalized experiences for users in a wide range of industries.

Companies like Google use artificial intelligence to give its users improved search results. And how did AI become the new standard of algorithms inside Google? Let’s look at the timescale:


But how does it work with artificial intelligence? 

Without delving into the cumbersome technical aspects, artificial intelligence has progressively learned what makes published articles worthwhile or not. Then, AI classifies those net pages automatically, and determines their scores with excellent precision. This is already a reality; corporations consisting of Google at the moment are making use of those technologies.

12. Use of Other Search Engines

Google is widely considered the best available internet search engine, and is continuously upgrading its software to enhance user experience. But can other search engines compete with Google?

While Google is unlikely to be losing its influence, there are other search engines out there.

Platforms like Amazon, together with smaller search engines including YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Bing, allow you to refine the content based on their criteria.

And make sure you can get a good ranking on other search activated sites before publishing content on your website.


Today search engine optimization could be very critical for organizations regardless of industry. But this does not only apply to the use of keywords — it also includes the optimization of user content. 

After all, Google is a search engine that processes information based on the behavior of search users. It becomes more accurate, meaning that new trends appear each year that change the way information is published on the Internet. It means that all users can get answers to their questions in minutes (or even seconds).

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