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Social media started off as a way for people to connect. It’s become a go-to destination for businesses today, though. Whether you own an online company or offline, you can’t afford to ignore your company’s presence on social media. And likewise for social media marketing. Let’s learn the 15 tips by which you can improve your social media presence.

With more than two billion active monthly users on Facebook, and another 800 million on Instagram, how can you ignore them? 

Such social media platforms are perfect choices for targeting existing and future clients. Almost every brand has a social media account today to engage with their audiences and grow their social media presence.

Social media can help you increase awareness about your brand and drive valuable traffic and conversions. Learn how you can expand your social media following with the help of social media marketing.

#1 Set Your Goals

Before you get to work on improving your presence in social media make sure you have clear goals in mind. You ought to have an idea about exactly what you want to achieve.

That has to be done before you start your campaign’s other steps. If you are not doing that, you may end up wasting your time and resources.

It is crucial that you know how any social media site you are using works. So you should have an idea about the exact market you ‘re approaching. You can decide on the basis of demographics, locations and interests for your target audience.

Always set precise targets to know in which direction you are moving. Some of the questions you might want to consider are how to grow your followers in social media, or how to increase your overall presence in social media. Getting concrete goals would help you to evaluate your performance and increase your long-term presence on social media.

#2 Create a Great Profile

Check your profile first when you join a social media platform, or are about to implement your strategy. You have to fill in your profile and fill in every single field that applies to your company. A full profile is a must to build your presence on social media.

Create a brief bio that tells your story for your brand. Using a few important keywords when writing this bio that will help drive traffic to your profile to expand your following social media on all platforms. These specific keywords can be identified using tools like KWFinder and the Google Keyword Planner.

Personalized branding on social media is significant. One simple way to accomplish this is to start by making sure that both your cover photo and the pictures are in place. Ideally these should have somewhere the logo of your brand and be attractive too. It is the first thing everyone can see when they visit your profile. Your images on your profile work as deciding factors as to whether the viewer will scroll down or simply navigate away. It is because of this that they are influential in growing your involvement in social media.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

Once your profile is complete with the information you need it will improve the credibility of your brand. Whenever anyone visits your profile they will start trusting your brand more if they can find relevant information. When little to no information is available, chances are they won’t get to know your brand, which will hinder your chances of rising more on social media. This can hinder your chances of improving your presence on social media.

#3 Follow Relevant Accounts

You can grow followers, but only if they know it’s a legitimate brand. When deciding how to increase your presence in social media you need to consider what helps to prove your legitimacy. One way is to follow other brands and real-life accounts.

The point to keep in mind is that ideally, these accounts should be relevant to your brand and business. This is important for establishing your authenticity and increasing your presence on social media. And many of those individuals or brands might even follow you back, thereby improving your credibility.

#4 Interact with Your Audience

Once you have collected a few followers, you can start posting useful content on your accounts. But simply posting content with links or media won’t help you grow your presence on social media. To start capturing their attention you just need to connect with your audience. Make sure you respond to or answer their posts when they comment on yours.

The idea is to connect and make them feel connected to your brand. It is only when your audience feels connected to your brand that they will want to learn more.

#5 Understand Your Audience

Once you have begun communicating with your audience, you need to work out their needs. Only then will you be able to interact in a more personal way with them.

Creating a good presence on social media starts with understanding how to reach your target audience. You can tailor your content to suit them, if you know what your audience wants to see or read. When they are better able to relate to the content, they will engage more with it and that will help to increase your presence in social media.

Furthermore, you will be able to introduce them to your website or company until you are able to fine-tune the contents. It is basically because you give them just what they want to see or do.

#6 Put Follow Buttons On Your Website

Don’t waste any traffic you get on your website. Use it to gain valuable followers on your social media accounts, and increase your presence on social media.

Most companies are making the mistake not to place social media buttons on their websites. Such buttons are a simple way to increase the number of followers and the social media presence.

Social Media Icons - Marketingspire

Place those buttons at places where visitors to your website can easily spot them. Don’t go overboard though, and have them all across your website. 

This can put off your visitors, rather than expanding your social channels. Putting them on the top right hand side of your website is a good practice. But make sure you fine-tune each button.

#7 Link Your Profiles and Website

Make sure you connect all of your social media accounts to your website, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will help your audience learn more about your brand with ease so you can focus your efforts in other areas to decide how to grow your social media. It will also help boost your website traffic as well as your social media presence.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

#8 Conduct Events

Events are a great way to spread brand awareness. You can use your own hashtags and handles on your printed materials or signage on social media. This can help catch the audience’s attention from the events.

During activities, you can become as innovative as you want, and endorse your hashtags and social media pages. This can help you to get your social media profiles into traffic and thus increase your social media presence.

#9 Share Your Profiles

One perfect way to learn how to increase your presence on social media is simply to share social profiles of your brand. Share your handles on social media with people that you know. Try not to spam on them, though. Do so in a non-pushy way.

This tactic will make them aware of your presence on social media platforms that will help you see the social growth success it can have.

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#10 Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used to bring similar content together under one roof to help the social media profile expand. It is also considered one of the easiest ways in social media marketing to get quality traffic. You should always consider adding some hashtags on the posts that you share on your social media pages. It will attract users to your social media pages and then to your website. They are very important, particularly when you’re posting on Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

Make sure you don’t overuse hashtags though, and load your posts with them. When determining how to expand your social media following them, it can be easy to make your posts look spammy and can hurt your presence on social media if you are not careful.

You should have branded hashtags created too. These may consist of a brand name, or even a slogan. Encourage people to create content with these hashtags. This is a great way to grow your followers of social media.

#11 Leverage More Networks

The most popular social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus. You should however also increase your presence in social media on other social media platforms.

When branding your business, branching out of the typical social media sites and trying out platforms like Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr, and more may be beneficial. You might also be able to register on social bookmarking sites and on social review sites. Try to increase your presence on social media as much as possible.

#12 Incorporate Social Icons into Your Emails

E-mails are a perfect way to get your social media accounts word out. You are already sending your subscribers’ several emails each month already.

When your emails contain your social media icons, your readers may be encouraged to check them out. This can get you some valuable eyeballs and more followers, on your chosen platform thereby growing more socially.

Social Media Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

If you do send a newsletter out regularly to your audiences, make sure that you include your social handles in it. You can do that even if you send it out by email. You can slip into a card which handles all of your social media. Doing so will help to improve the social media visibility of your company.

#13 Engage, Engage, Engage!

The easiest way to gain the audience’s love is by engaging with them. And by getting involved, we mean participating on a personal level. You ‘re learning how to improve your profile on social media. When someone follows your page, that presence will be reflected, because they expect your brand to engage with them. It is the basic rule of social media marketing.

For this, every time someone posts about your brand, or comments about one of your posts, try to answer them.

There are many other ways you can engage with them too. Set up polls, quizzes or competitions that will inspire the audience to be interested. Instagram Stories are a perfect tool for getting your fans interested.

Instagram Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

Through engaging regularly with your fans, you are giving them a direct message that you care about establishing long-term relationships with them. This keeps their confidence in your brand intact, making them more loyal followers of your brand and growing their socials.

Loyal followers may advise others about your brand. This, in effect, will help you expand your presence in social media.

#14 Optimize Your Content

The search engines can see anything that you post on your social media accounts. And it can be identified on Google and other search engines. So integrating those important keywords into your posts is a smart practice whenever possible. It will help Google get awareness of your posts for the right keywords.


In the same way, using the previously mentioned keyword research tools, you could check what your followers are looking for on Google. Once you have found the relevant keywords, you can use them in your posts to catch relevant users ‘ attention.

Social media content which ranks higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will receive more visits. Which, in effect, could boost your presence on social media.

#15 Treat Each Platform as an Individual

Since all social media platforms essentially serve the same function, each one has to be treated differently. Many marketers often make the mistake of using the same content across all platforms that will attract followers on social media.

But each social media platform should be treated individually. That gives you the ability to optimize in various ways for each of them. This optimization will help you significantly increase your social media presence.

A study conducted by Marketingspire had some interesting results. As you can see below Tweets with one or two hashtags were engaged 21 percent more than those with more hashtags. Likewise, Instagram posts with 9 hashtags get substantially higher interactions according to Marketingspire Social Media Marketing.

Instagram Marketing Tips - Marketingspire

A study by Marketingspire found that on Twitter, posting 3 times a day drives the highest engagement. Similarly, for Facebook, the engagement dropped drastically after posting twice a day.

For the best results, you can post 5 times a day on Pinterest, and 1.5 times per day on Instagram. Following these best practices can help you grow your social media presence.


Initially, it may seem like a daunting task to grow your social media presence. If you follow these tips on social media marketing with dedication, though, it’s a task that you can conquer. Often engaging with your audience is important, and taking care of their pain points. You should also motivate them to share your content, and even create content worth sharing.

If you want to grow socially you cannot afford to have a set-it-and-forget-it approach to social media. You should be proactive, and develop new strategies and campaigns to increase your presence in social media. Also it’s a good idea to work with influencers to increase your reach.

Just keep in mind that growth on social media takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort. You’ll need to be patient and keep modifying your social media strategy dynamically.

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